Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi

(BHMS, CFN, PDSN europe)

About Me

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi is India’s only core DNA-based diet expert who is also a well-known celebrity metabolic expert. He has studied in the medical field and holds certifications in Food & Nutrition as well as a Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Dr. Trivedi has conducted various workshops and academic lectures in the field of Nutrigenomics (DNA-based Nutrition) with several genetic labs.

He has facilitated more than 3000 transformations with genetic-based diet plans in over 10 countries, accumulating over 15 years of experience. His success ratio in this field exceeds 95%. Dr. Trivedi is trusted by public figures and doctors in various fields due to his knowledge of medicine and specific nutrition based on genetic science.

He has been featured multiple times in India’s top media agencies such as Financial Express, The Week, GQ India, Abhiyan Magazine, and Divya Bhaskar, as well as on news channels, where he has shared his opinions on nutrition in the current scenario. His maiden peer reviews on the impact of MTHFR Genes on folate-related diseases were published in the International Journal of Scientific Research in 2023.

His DNA diet clinic holds the number one searchable ranking in Google's search engine with a rating of 4.9. Through his YouTube channel, Dr. Trivedi shares his knowledge and debunks many myths prevalent in the current market, garnering over 300,000 watch minutes and more than 10,000 followers on the professional social media platform LinkedIn. Additionally, his short videos on Instagram have received over 100,000 views.

His vision is to raise awareness about individuals' internal body mechanisms and to promote a healthier society through sustainable weight management via genetic-based diet and nutrition plans.

DNA diet by Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi

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