Nutritionist in Gujarat

Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi is a renowned Nutritionist in Gujarat who is also the founder of DNA Diet. The concept of DNA diet is unknown still for many, but thankfully, Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi’s efforts have made a lot of people to benefit.

The DNA diet is an exclusive diet plan that has its focus on genetic-based weight management practices. To make it simple to understand, genetic-based weigh management practices the new technique of helping people to reduce weight by bringing about constructive changes in the genes. In short, the person is advised and instructed how to eat according to the gene setup of one’s body.

Now, with the help of these renowned Nutritionists in Gujarat, we are aiming to lift this concept of dieting the to national level for helping people fight weight loss with balanced and personalized diet recipes. We have the privilege of being the first in translating nutrigenetic research concerning diet.

DNA is the core substance of one’s body. Hence, bringing about a change in the DNA will result in weight loss with positive results.


Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi - Nutritionlist in Gujarat