Dietitians For Your Health

Your diet is like a bank. Good food proves to be the best investment and you are offered with health in return as profit.

Speaking of diet, people of today’s generation follow any diet plan of their choice, whichever that seems to be easy and comfortable. But hardly do people understand the advice of dieticians for your health.

DNA Diet is a comprehensive diet plan by Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi, which concentrates on a diet that is based on a person’s body and gene type. It is an alternative of other diet schedules such as paleo diet, ketogenic diet and raw food diet which are meant to cut calories. This diet is related to the field of Nutrigenomics.

People often fall prey for mass weight gain/loss powder that has an effect on the body in the long run. As DNA diet is slowly coming to the limelight, it is becoming the first recommendation of many famous dieticians for your health.